Abbreviation: KIA
 Assets under management:
 Headquarters: Kuwait City, Kuwait
 Origin: Oil

  • Victoria-Jungfrau Collection AG (Switzerland)
    23.81% stake

  • Gulf Bank (Kuwait)
    16% stake¹

  • Arab Insurance Group (Bahrain)
    12.35% stake

  • Jordan Phosphate Mines Company (Jordan)
    9.3% stake

  • Gea Group AG (Germany)
    7.9% stake  

  • Daimler AG (Germany)
    7.6% stake

  • Citigroup (USA)
    6% stake
    $6bn credit crunch bailout

  • Merrill Lynch (USA)
    4.8% stake

  • BP (UK)
    1.75% stake

Kuwait Investment Authority

Fund details

First of all sovereign wealth funds, established by Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem Al-Sabah  in 1953 as The Kuwait Investment Board. The Kuwait Investment Office replaced The Kuwait Investment Board in 1963 and now is based in London. 

Source of funds
Kuwait transfers 10% of oil revenue into the Reserve for Future Generations each year, which is the overall responsibility KIA in Kuwait, the parent organization of the Kuwait Investment Office

KIA is the owner of National Technology Enterprises Company of Kuwait (NTEC).

Ministries Complex,
Kuwait City
P.O. Box: 64, Safat,
Z. Code: 13001, Kuwait

1. Kuwait sovereign fund takes stake in Gulf Bank, Reuters, 26 January 2009

Last Updated: 26.01.2009


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